Dooplaya District: Before the Offensive


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Dooplaya District: Before the Offensive

Published date:
Thursday, May 15, 1997

This document gives descriptions for Photo Set 97-A, including Dooplaya District before the current offensive, Karenni forced relocations, attacks on Karen and Karenni refugee camps in Thailand, free-fire zones in Tenasserim Division, attacks on Karen villages in the far south, refugees from the current Dooplaya and Tenasserim offensives, and some others.

Peoples’ names given here correspond to those used in the reports; names which have been changed to protect people are enclosed in quotes. Some details have been omitted from the photo descriptions to protect the people involved. These photos may be used in any way to help the people of Burma.


Some abbreviations used in the photo descriptions: 

SLORC = State Law & Order Restoration Council, Burma’s military junta 
DKBA = Democratic Kayin (Karen) Buddhist Army, Karen group allied to SLORC
KNU = Karen National Union, main Karen opposition organization
KNLA = Karen National Liberation Army, army of the KNU
KNPP = Karenni National Progressive Party, Karenni organization which is still fighting SLORC.