Military Activity

Military Activity


E.g., 2017-07-23
E.g., 2017-07-23
  • Jul 18, 2017
    This Situation Update describes the events which have occurred in three different Townships in Dooplaya District during the period between January and October 2016, including issues regarding a rape and killing, army base locations, drugs, villagers’ livelihoods, military activities, refugees,...
  • Jun 20, 2017
    Today is World Refugee Day, around the world the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees is commemorated. According to the UN, this year, World Refugee Day also marks a key moment for the public to show support for families forced to flee through the #WithRefugees petition.
  • Jun 14, 2017
    This Interview describes events, including development projects, healthcare, education, community livelihood and armed group activities in Win Yay (Waw Raw) Township, Dooplaya District.
  • Jun 02, 2017
    This Situation Update describes livelihood, drug, illegal logging, health, education and landmine issues occurring in Bu Tho Township, Hpapun District during the period between September and November 2016.
  • Jun 01, 2017
    This Interview describes events including land confiscation, education, village relocation and military activities in Htantabin Township, Toungoo District in 2015.


E.g., 2017-07-23
E.g., 2017-07-23


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