Incident Report: Villager tortured by Tatmadaw commanders in Papun District, December 2012


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Incident Report: Villager tortured by Tatmadaw commanders in Papun District, December 2012

Published date:
Thursday, June 27, 2013

This incident report was submitted to KHRG in January 2013 by a community member describing events occurring in Dwe Lo Township, Papun District in December 2012. The community member who wrote this report described an incident that occurred on December 28th 2012, when a female buffalo stepped on a landmine that was placed by Karen National Liberation Army soldiers. Coincidently, on the same day, Saw U---, also known as Saw P---, a 34 year old man from T--- village, went to take a bath in Buh Loh River and while he was on his way back home, he encountered two Tatmadaw soldiers, who called Saw U--- over to them. They were Tatmadaw LID #44, IB #9 Company Commander/ Camp Commander Ko Ko Lwin and Platoon Commander Kyaw Thu. As soon as Saw U--- reached them, Company Commander Ko Ko Lwin punched him in his chest and Platoon Commander Kyaw Thu punched him ten times across both sides of his face. While the soldiers did not ask Saw U--- any questions, they accused him of being in the KNLA; according to the community member who wrote this report and spoke directly with the villager, Saw U--- is not a soldier, but a villager who works on farms.

Incident Report | Dwe Lo Township, Papun District (December 2012)

The following incident report was written by a community member in Papun District who has been trained by KHRG to monitor human rights conditions. It is presented below translated exactly as originally written, save for minor edits for clarity and security.[1] This report was received along with other information from Papun District, including ten photographs.[2] 

Part 1 – Incident(s) detail

Type of Incident


Date of Incident(s)

December 28th 2012

Incident Location (Village, Township and District)

T--- village, Hkoo Thoo Hta village tract, Dwe Lo Township, Papun District


Victim Information










Saw U---






Flat field farming



Perpetrator information






Ko Ko Lwin

Company Commander


T--- village, T--- Military Camp

Ko Ko Lwin

Kyaw Thu

Platoon Commander




Part 2 - Information Quality

1. Explain the specific manner in which you collected this information.

On December 28th 2012, Saw U--- went to take a bath in the Bu Loh River [Bilin River], then he returned to his home. One landmine exploded before he reached his home and Ko Ko Lwin and Kyaw Thu called him and accused him of having contact with KNLA soldiers. They asked him to come toward them and then Ko Ko Lwin and Kyaw Thu punched his chest and face so that he suffered seriously.

2. Explain how the source verified information accuracy.

Saw U--- was tortured and suffered it alone. He reported it by himself and this is the true information.

 Part 3 – Incident Details

Describe the Incident(s) in complete detail. For each incident, be sure to include 1) when the incident happened, 2) where it happened, 3) what happened, 4) how it happened, 5) who was involved, and 6) whyit happened. Also describe any villager response(s) to the incident, the aftermath and the current living situation of the victims. Please use the space prepared below and create an attachment if needed.

On December 28th 2012, at 4:00 pm, Saw U--- went to take a bath from his house to Buh Loh River when a female buffalo stepped on the landmine and died from the landmine [explosion], which was planted by Karen soldiers [KNLA] beside T--- village. After the landmine exploded, LID [Light Infantry Division] #44's IB #9 Company Commander/Camp Commander Ko Ko Lwin and Platoon Commander were at a confluence [in the river], where the Hkoo Thoo stream flows into the to Buh Loh River. When Saw U--- arrived at the confluence, where the mouth of Hkoo Thoo stream contributes to Buh Loh River, then they [the Tatmadaw commanders] saw Saw U--- and they called him to come toward to them. By the time Saw U--- arrived next to them, Camp Commander Ko Ko Lwin punched his chest once right away without saying anything; in addition, Kyaw Thu punched Saw U---'s face side by side [on both sides of his face] for ten times, so Saw U--- still feels extreme pain until now.

After Ko Ko Lwin and Kyaw Thu tortured Saw U---, [they] did not provide any medicines or treatment for him. Saw U--- suffered with the pain and he has healed it by himself with the leaves of mullein and turmeric. He has suffered with this [the torture] because Ko Ko Lwin and Kyaw Thu suspected and blamed him of cooperating with KNLA soldiers and planting landmines. However, Saw U--- is a villager who is a farm worker and does not know anything. Ko Ko Lwin and Kyaw Thu punched him and he had to suffer with it. Since he was tortured, he has needed to stay at home because he is still in pain.

Part 4 - Permission for Using the Details

Did the victim(s) provide permission to use this information? Explain how that permission was provided.

The victim allowed me to use this information.


[1] KHRG incident reports are written or gathered by community members in Papun District who have been trained by KHRG to monitor human rights conditions. KHRG trains community members in eastern Burma to document individual incidents of abuse using a standardised reporting format; conduct interviews with other villagers; and write general updates on the situation in areas with which they are familiar. When writing incident reports, community members are encouraged to document incidents of abuse that they consider to be important by verifying information from multiple sources, assessing for potential biases, and comparing to local trends.

[2] In order to increase the transparency of KHRG methodology and more directly communicate the experiences and perspectives of villagers in eastern Burma, KHRG aims to make all field information received available on the KHRG website once it has been processed and translated, subject only to security considerations. As companion to this, a redesigned website will be released in 2013. In the meantime, KHRG's most recently-published field information from Papun District can be found in the report, "Papun Situation Update: Bu Tho Township, January to March 2013," KHRG, June 2013.