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Year 1993

Apr 29th, 1994
Apr 13th, 1994
Feb 17th, 1993


E.g., 2017-06-24
E.g., 2017-06-24
  • Jun 16, 1996
    This report discusses SLORC using mass forced relocation campaigns as a method to try to eliminate all civilian support for opposition forces.
  • May 01, 1996
    This report was prepared as a submission to the UN Committee which is reviewing SLORC’s observance of the Convention on Rights of the Child, which SLORC ratified in 1991.
  • Jan 30, 1996
    This report describes the situation for civilians in Northwestern Burma where ongoing fighting and human rights abuses from SLORC have terrorised the population. SLORC abuses include forced labour, land confiscation and religious persecution against the civilian population.
  • Aug 20, 1994
    The following Interviews concerns human rights abuses in Shan State in 1994 and include issues of arbitrary arrest and detention, arbitrary taxation, forced labour and drug production.
  • May 26, 1994
    These Interviews document human rights abuses perpetrated by the SLORC from 1993 to 1994 in Thaton District, including rape, torture, killing, arbitrary arrest and detention, arbitrary taxation and forced labour.


E.g., 2017-06-24
E.g., 2017-06-24