Jobs and Vacancies


Below is a list of our current full-time positions and volunteer openings. Closing dates on these positions are not fixed, but they will be closed once sufficient appropriate applicants are received. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions please send your CV/resumé with references and a cover letter to

Grant Manager  Deadline: 15tJune, 2018

The Grant Manager position is a full-time position based in Thailand. This post holder must possess a Myanmar passport or Thai passport/ID.The successful applicant should ideally be prepared to commit two years to working for KHRG. The post-holder will be responsible for managing the current funding donors, while exploring alternative funding sources, bringing in new funds and developing a fundraising strategy for the future.


The applicant should be highly motivated and able to work both in a team and with little supervision. The applicant should have experience writing funding proposals, mobilizing individual and institutional donors, maintaining communication with funders and monitoring grant requirements. Knowledge of funding or finance is important and the applicant should be confident in their ability to learn quickly.



 Deadline: 25tMay, 2018

Thiis a full-time position based in KHRGoffice in Thailand. The position primarily involves networkinwith locaand international organizations while supporting existing advocacy activities and providing support foother projects as needed.  

The applicant should be a confident speaker, highly motivated and able to work with little supervision.The applicant should preferably have experience attending meetings, networking with  organisations and the ability to travel.