Mergui-Tavoy Interview: Pu Bm---, March 2017


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Mergui-Tavoy Interview: Pu Bm---, March 2017

Published date:
Thursday, August 30, 2018

This Interview with Pu Bm--- describes events occurring in Ler Mu Lah Township, Mergui-Tavoy District, in March 2017, including information on a dam construction and its long-term effects on the lands of local people.

  • Villagers reported that a hydropower dam will potentially be built close to Moh Roh village. The construction of the dam, carried out by a Thai company, could negatively impact the lands of local people. They fear that the dam will cause major flooding, which would damage their housing and livelihoods. These effects will then result in the displacement of community members.
  • The local community is concerned about damages to their lands, unfair compensations, and the necessity to find alternative ways to secure their livelihoods and income. 


[1] KHRG trains community members in southeastern Burma/Myanmar to document individual human rights abuses using a standardised reporting format; conduct interviews with other villagers; and write general updates on the situation in areas with which they are familiar. When conducting interviews, community members are trained to use loose question guidelines, but also to encourage interviewees to speak freely about recent events, raise issues that they consider to be important and share their opinions or perspectives on abuse and other local dynamics.

[2] In order to increase the transparency of KHRG methodology and more directly communicate the experiences and perspectives of villagers in southeastern Burma/Myanmar, KHRG aims to make all field information received available on the KHRG website once it has been processed and translated, subject only to security considerations. For additional reports categorised by Type, Issue, Location and Year, please see the Related Readings component following each report on KHRG’s website.

[3]Tatmadaw refers to the Myanmar military throughout KHRG's 25 year reporting period. The Myanmar military were commonly referred to by villagers in KHRG research areas as SLORC (State Law and Order Restoration Council) from 1988 to 1997 and SPDC (State Peace and Development Council) from 1998 to 2011, which were the Tatmadaw-proclaimed names of the military government of Burma. Villagers also refer to Tatmadaw in some cases as simply "Burmese" or "Burmese soldiers".

[4] The Karen National Union is the main Karen group opposing the government.

[5] The Karen National Liberation Army is the armed wing of the KNU.

[6] Italian Thai Development Public Company Limited (ITD) is Thai company with investment in construction of highways, railway, dam, industry in Myanmar and other parts of Asia. ITD construction project have resulted in relocation, destruction of plantation and lack of compensation for villagers, see “Mergui-Tavoy Interview: Saw E---, July 2012,” March 2013. ITD also have investment in Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) which began as a joint venture with Max Myanmar Company. The Dwei SEZ has resulted in environment destruction, threat and forced eviction of villagers, imprisonment of villagers who refused to relocate, destruction of livelihood through plantation, farming and paddy damaged, forced to accept inadequate compensation. Improper facility at relocation site, see “Dawei SEZ Fact Sheet,” Mekong Watch, December 2016. Also see “Proposed Hydropower Dam Project in Tanintharyi Region, Mergui-Tavoy District, 2017”, June 2017 and “Mergui-Tavoy Interview: Saw A---, March 2017,” September 2017.