Hpa-an Interview: Mann F---, March 2018


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Hpa-an Interview: Mann F---, March 2018

Published date:
Thursday, May 17, 2018


This Interview with Mann F--- describes events occurring in Nabu Township, Hpa-an District, during the period between 2017 and 2018, including development and land confiscation.

  • Villagers’ land in Shwe Kokko Town was confiscated by the Chinese state-owned Jilin Yatai Company and the Border Guard Force (BGF) in order for them to implement a city expansion project along the Moei River bank from Shwe Kokko to Myawaddy.   
  • According to Mann F---, there were four to five houses that were destroyed by the company when the company built a concrete processing factory to build roads and buildings for their project. The individuals and families whose houses were destroyed were compensated.
  • The BGF held a consultation meeting with both affected land owners and community members whose lands would potentially be affected by the city expansion project on January 18th 2018, at Shwe Kokko monastery, regarding compensation.


[1] KHRG trains community members in southeastern Burma/Myanmar to document individual human rights abuses using a standardised reporting format; conduct interviews with other villagers; and write general updates on the situation in areas with which they are familiar. When conducting interviews, community members are trained to use loose question guidelines, but also to encourage interviewees to speak freely about recent events, raise issues that they consider to be important and share their opinions or perspectives on abuse and other local dynamics.

[2] In order to increase the transparency of KHRG methodology and more directly communicate the experiences and perspectives of villagers in southeastern Burma/Myanmar, KHRG aims to make all field information received available on the KHRG website once it has been processed and translated, subject only to security considerations. For additional reports categorised by Type, Issue, Location and Year, please see the Related Readings component following each report on KHRG’s website. 

[3] See, “Border guards plan city extension project with Chinese firm,” MyanmarTimes, December 2017; see also “BGF Plans Large City Expansion Project in Karen State,” Irrawaddy, November 2017. 

[4] Mann is a Pwo Karen titled used for men, before their name. 

[5] This villager is referring to Jilin Yatai Group Co. Ltd. that is based in Changchun, Chilin, China. The group owns businesses in the building materials, pharmaceutical, finance, real estate, coal, and trade industries.

[6] All conversion estimates for the kyat in this report are based on the April 18th 2018 official market rate of 31.25 baht to US $1.

[7] Maung Chit Thu, commonly referred to Chit Thu, was the operations commander of Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) Battalion #999 prior to the DKBA transformation into the Tatmadaw Border Guard Force, which began in September 2010. His role has grown considerably since the transformation: he was second in command of Tatmadaw Border Guard Forces, overseeing battalions #1017, #1018, #1019 and #1012, and is now senior advisor and general secretary of the Karen State BGF central command based in Ko Ko, Hpa-an District. Abuses committed by Maung Chit Thu have been cited in previous KHRG reports, including ordering the forcible relocation of villagers from eight villages in Lu Pleh Township in July 2011, while acting Border Guard commander; see “Foundation of Fear,” KHRG, 2017, “Pa’an Situation Update: June to August 2011,” KHRG, October 2011.