Ongoing militarisation in southeast Myanmar


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Ongoing militarisation in southeast Myanmar

Published date:
Thursday, October 20, 2016

This detailed commentary examines ongoing militarisation in southeast Myanmar from 2014 to 2016. It includes villager's perspectives on military presence in and near villages; ongoing rotation of troops, re-supply of rations, weapons and ammunition and the strengthening of existing bases; military trainings, unexploded ordance and remnants of war; landmines; ongoing skirmishes between armed actors and impact on villagers; extrajudicial killings, human rights abuses and threats by armed actors; land confiscations by armed actors; ongoing displacement and livelihood issues of communities as a result of militarisation and land confiscations. This commentary includes recommendations based on villager's voices. 

The full militarisation commentary is available in Burmese and English language and can be downloaded as a PDF in the left-hand column. (Please note this version has been re-formatted as of December 7th 2016 for hard-copy publishing purposes).

KHRG's accompanying 20-minute documentary on militarisation in southeast Myanmar is available on YouTube and our Facebook page.