Villager shot and killed in Papun District


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Villager shot and killed in Papun District

Published date:
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On June 13th 2012, Saw N---, a 48-year-old former resident of M--- village, Naw Yoh Hta village tract, Lu Thaw Township, Papun District was shot and killed while collecting truffles in Pa Heh village tract, Bu Tho Township, Papun District. The shooting took place close to where the Tatmadaw soldiers from Infantry Battalion #19 are based at Hpah Hkeh Kyo, leading local villagers and a security leader to believe that it was troops from the camp in question who were the perpetrators of the shooting. Also during the incident, 30,000 baht (US $973.72), which Saw N—had brought along to purchase truffles from others on the trip went missing. This incident is also described by villagers in two other published KHRG reports.[1] 


[1]  See "Papun Interview: Saw K---, June 2012," KHRG, July 2012 and "Papun Interview: Saw E---, June 2012," KHRG, September 2012.

[2] The camp is named Hpah Hkeh Kyo as it is situated at the top of Hpah Hkeh Hill.

[3] U Kweh Hta is an area situated close to the banks of the U Kweh River.

[4] These are posts where security personnel are stationed surrounding the T--- internally displaced persons camp.