Dooplaya Situation Update: August 2011 to September 2011


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Dooplaya Situation Update: August 2011 to September 2011

Published date:
Friday, December 9, 2011

This report includes a situation update submitted to KHRG in September 2011 by a villager describing events and military activities occurring in Kawkareik Township, Dooplaya District, during the period between August and September 2011. The villager describes the shelling of civilian areas by DKBA troops resulting in the destruction of a villager's house, and villagers' fears of violence by DKBA forces following the defection of a DKBA soldier to Tatmadaw Border Guard troops and his transport through the area around their community. The report also details demands for payment issued by KNU/KNLA Peace Council soldiers; discusses the death of a KNU/KNLA Peace Council officer by natural causes; and raises villagers' concerns about the flooding of bean and corn plantations along the Moei River at the beginning of September which resulted in destruction of farmers' seeds and crops.


[1] KHRG trains villagers in eastern Burma to document individual human rights abuses using a standardised reporting format; conduct interviews with other villagers; and write general updates on the situation in areas with which they are familiar. When writing situation updates, villagers are encouraged to summarise recent events, raise issues that they consider important, and present their opinions or perspective on abuse and other local dynamics in their area. KHRG's most recent analysis of the situation in Dooplaya District can be found in the recent Field Report, "Threats to human rights, obstacles to protection: Conditions for civilians seeking refuge in Phop Phra District, Thailand," KHRG, November 2010.

[2] The KNU/KNLA Peace Council, also called the Karen Peace Council or KPC, is an armed group which split from the Karen National Union (KNU) in 2007 and subsequently refused to comply with orders from the then-SPDC government to transform its forces into the Tatmadaw Border Guard; see: "KNU/KNLA Peace Council," Mizzima News, June 7th 2010 and "KPC to be outlawed if it rejects BGF," Burma News International, August 30th 2010.

[3] On November 4th 2011, media sources reported that DKBA 5th Brigade under Brigadier Na Kha Mway, which had been engaged in active conflict with government forces in Dooplaya and Pa'an districts since the November 7th 2010 election, agreed to a ceasefire with Burma government representatives. See "DKBA Brigade 5 Reaches Ceasefire with Naypyidaw,"The Irrawaddy, November 4th 2011. As of October 21st 2011, KHRG had published 88 short updates about human rights abuses and protection concerns of civilians during the post-election conflict in Dooplaya and Pa'an districts; seeDisplacement Monitoring: Regular updates on protection concerns for villagers in Dooplaya and Pa'an districts and adjacent areas in Thailand, For further background information on the origins of the conflict, see Protection concerns expressed by civilians amidst conflict in Dooplaya and Pa'an district, KHRG, November 2010.