Attacks on displaced villagers in Nyaunglebin District


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Attacks on displaced villagers in Nyaunglebin District

Published date:
Friday, January 22, 2010

At least 1,000 villagers have fled from ten villages during the last five days following the establishment of a new SPDC Army camp in central Nyaunglebin District. Two villagers in the area of the camp are confirmed to have been killed by soldiers from this camp. Three other villagers are missing after another SPDC battalion attacked a party of villagers that had escaped from an SPDC relocation site to tend to their farms.



[1] Kheh Der village tract includes Khaw Taw Kee, T'Khaw Der, Thaw Weh Der, Khaw Htah, Ler Taw Lu, Day Baw Kee, Mu Kee, Htee Khaw Kee, Khoh Lu and Kheh Der villages.

[2] According to the Thai-Burma Border Consortium, at least 54,300 displaced villagers are actively seeking to evade SPDC control in northern Karen areas. See, Protracted Displacement and Militarisation in Eastern Burma, TBBC, October 2009.

[3] A Military Operations Command (MOC) typically consists of ten battalions. Most MOCs have three Tactical Operations Commands (TOCs), made up of three battalions each.

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[8] For more on food shortages that result from SPDC attacks on villagers in hiding, see “Starving them out: Food shortages and exploitative abuse in Papun District,“ KHRG, October 2009 and Food crisis: The cumulative impact of abuse in rural Burma, KHRG, April 2009.