Update on the KNU/KNLA-PC: Statements by a deserter and a 'retiree'


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Update on the KNU/KNLA-PC: Statements by a deserter and a 'retiree'

Published date:
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

As the KNU/KNLA-PC approaches the year and a half mark since its founding in early 2007, this news bulletin provides an update on developments of this little-reported-on armed group. Having been founded with an initial troop strength of well under 100 soldiers, current estimates suggest that the group has expanded to about 800 soldiers now divided between seven battalions operating in central and southeastern Pa'an District. While the assassination in January 2008 of Ler Moo, widely seen as the KNU/KNLA-PC's major source of funding, has challenged the group's ongoing expansion, the interviews presented here suggest that it continues to primarily engage in SPDC-sanctioned logging and timber trading. This bulletin presents the full text of two interviews conducted by KHRG field researchers in June and July 2008 with a former soldier and a former officer of the KNU/KNLA-PC.



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[4] Shwe Koh Ko; a Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA)-controlled town on the Thoo Mweh (Moei) river which borders Thailand.