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Video: Displaced children in northern Karen State

19th May 2008

In December 2007, Burma Army soldiers operating under Military Operations Command (MOC) #4 conducted a series of attacks against villages in the Th'Ay Kee area of southeastern Toungoo District, northern Karen State. The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) video presented here includes footage of the initial attack and the following days as children and their families from the Th'Ay Kee area continued to flee on foot in order to evade the Burma Army soldiers who were hunting them down. For more information regarding these attacks, see "Militarisation, violence and exploitation in Toungoo District," KHRG, February 2008 and SPDC troops burn villages and step up operations against civilians in southern Toungoo District, KHRG, December 2007.

KHRG originally presented this video at a press conference for launch of the report Growing up under militarisation: Abuse and agency of children in Karen State on April 30th 2008. All footage was collected by KHRG field researchers operating in northern Karen State during December 2007. High resolution copies of this video may be obtained subject to availability by sending a request to KHRG.


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