Increased roads, army camps and attacks on rural communities in Papun District


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Increased roads, army camps and attacks on rural communities in Papun District

Published date:
Friday, November 16, 2007

Having initially begun construction a decade ago, the SPDC has this year completed the Papun section of a roadway which extends northwards from the east-west Kyauk Kyi to Saw Hta vehicle road towards the SPDC army camp at Buh Hsa Kee in southern Toungoo District. While still incomplete on the Toungoo side of the border the Papun section effectively cuts the northern half of Lu Thaw township into two east-west sections and forms a dangerous and difficult to cross barrier for those civilians fleeing from ongoing military attacks against their communities. Nevertheless villagers in Lu Thaw and other areas of Papun continue to evade SPDC forces and the district currently has the highest number of internally displaced people in hiding out of any area of eastern Burma. Notwithstanding the creative and courageous strategies which these villagers have adopted in order to avoid the army columns which continue to hunt them down, they remain in a precarious situation; one which has only heightened in its severity with the completion of the Papun section of the north-south vehicle road and the upgrading of other roadways further south.


[1] For more information on the human rights situation in Ler Muh Bplaw village tract see "SPDC Army atrocities in Ler Muh Bplaw village tract in the words of a local resident," KHRG, October 2007. Available online

[2]Displaced villagers short on food often depend on a form of watered down rice porridge in order to stretch out their meagre supplies.

[3] Internal Displacement in Eastern Burma: 2007 Survey, Appendix 2, Thailand Burma Border Consortium, October 2007. Accessed online at on November 14th, 2007.